Disclaimer and Data Protection Statement


The Bodleian Libraries provides some information to end users about the legitimate use and re-use of items held in the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA). However, the Bodleian Libraries and the University of Oxford are not responsible for any improper use made of the items by other parties. The Bodleian Libraries follows the University of Oxford's Ownership, Liability and Use policy, which can be read in full on the University website.

ORA staff endeavour to comply with copyright permissions for all content of the archive. If they are made aware of the possibility of infringement of copyright for any item in ORA, the item will be removed from the archive as soon as possible whilst the complaint is investigated. ORA also operates a take-down policy.

ORA staff may offer advice and assistance with the checking and clearing of copyright held by third parties but the responsibility for making an item available in ORA lies with the depositor. This is detailed in the licence(s) agreed to when depositing in the archive. Please see https://ox.libguides.com/ora/DepositLicence for more information.